You Won’t Believe What Ay Had To Say About His Secret Relationship With His Ex Kenyan Singer Amani

So apparently AY and Amani were an item. And for three long years too! Who knew? The Tanzanian celebrity revealed this to the Standard Digital adding that it was the best relationship he has experienced so far.The Kenyan beauty Amani apparently was quite straightforward and although AY did not state the reason for their break-up, he had nothing but good things to say about his ex-girlfriend.

Amani who is set to wed her Nigerian boyfriend must have been very frank with her then boyfriend and fellow artiste, since AY said that his relationship with Amani revealed to him how straight-forward Kenyan women are.He continued to say that at no one time in the three years they were dating did Amani ever mix business with pleasure. Talk about an ex who does not hate. If asked if he was seeing anybody, he said he wasn’t at the moment. So, good news for the ladies; the Tanzanian hunk is up for grabs.