Renowned Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Could Possibly Face A 7 Year Long Jail Term For Doing This Despicable Act

Rumors have been flying around that gospel musician, Rose Muhando terminated a 7 moths pregnancy. According to sources, Rose Muhando would have delivered her fourth child had she not decided to have the abortion. It is believed that the reason behind her getting the abortion is the fact that the father of the child was a fellow performer. She therefore terminated the pregnancy to save face and avoid criticism from church members.

A lawyer in Tanzania said that if the charges against her were confirmed to be true, she will have to be jailed for 7 years and the doctor responsible for the operation will serve time for 14 years. This he explained is because the law in Tanzania is against abortion unless the woman’s health would be compromised by carrying the baby.

Her fans and fellow musicians and close friends were really shocked by the revelation. Stella Joel, Gospel Artist Union’s secretary general said that she does not know if the rumors are true but if the police take action, they will decide what to do regarding the issue.