This Is Why Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali Was Accused Of Being An Al Shabaab Recruiter


The internet has offered a lot of people business opportunities as well as a variety of means to communicate to each other. This invention has been a blessing to many people but has also come with some disadvantages. For instance, many hackers have caused a lot of trouble for a lot of internet users by revealing their dirty laundry to the public.

Yesterday, Mohamed Ali was a victim of hacking when the Star News paper was hacked. The hackers posted that Mohammed Ali is a Mujahideed which means he is a jihadist. This has made the last 15 hours of twitter go abuzz as many people discussed the issue. Mohammed Ali posted on twitter saying that it will be impossible for the ‘digital spanner boys’ to manipulate him and other victims. Kenyans do not seem to believe these allegations since most of them have tweeted that they do not think Mohammed Ali is guilty.

Here are some of the tweets kenyas wrote:
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