Kenyan Self-Proclaimed King Of Bling And Rap, Prezzo Is Flat Broke, So Broke That This Is The Decision He Decided To Make

Prezzo is one of the flashiest musicians of Kenya. This is clearly shown in his music videos where he has very expensive vehicles in the shoots. His wealth is something that has earned him a lot of respect and admiration from fans all over the country. The singer is a former contestant of the Big Brother Africa Show. He went to the show to represent Kenya and managed to stay in the house up to the finals where he managed to be second place in the competition.

However, according to Pulse Magazine, Prezzo has fallen from grace to grass. The singer who is known to have a lavish and enviable lifestyle is now living with his mother because apparently he has no money. He is currently looking for ways to get back on his two feet. This is something a lot of people did not expect to happen anytime soon.