Kenya’s Darling Indian Bukusu couple, Sarika and Timothy, Sadly Break Up and this is the reason why

The story of Sarika Patel and Timothy Khamala has been a trending topic on social media. This is because their love story has got the attention of many people. Sarika Patel is the daughter of an Indian businessman in Webuye. She met Timothy while he was doing casual labor for her father. The two gradually became friends and within not time, the friendship grew and they fell in love against her parents’ wishes.

Their love story seemed promising and a lot of people were wondering how it will end up. However, their love story did not last long since the couple decided to get divorced. According to Sarika, Timothy started disrespecting and physically abusing her when she fell sick and he would not take her to the hospital. She says that Timothy later handed her over to her brother and encouraged her to marry in the future which marked the end of their marriage. She says she regrets her decision and advices young ladies to think carefully before they make life changing decisions.

Her family does not trust her after the incident and have requested her to stay with a relative until she is sure she wants to go back home. She however wants to travel overseas to spend time with her sisters to get peace of mind.