Popular Newscaster, Janet Mbugua Is Pregnant And This Is What She Could Be Expecting in a few months time


A few months ago, the gorgeous CITIZEN TV news presenter, Janet Mbugua got engaged to one Mr. Eddie Ndichu. This came as a disappointment to many lads who may have had a little hope in ever dating the beauty. However, it was time for her to choose her prince-charming who happens to be Standard Chartered Bank’s Regional Head, Digital banking and the couple decided to finalize their matrimony in a traditional ceremony.

Now the interesting bit is that both Janet and Eddie are part of a twin set. Eddie’s twin is Paul Ndichu; husband to KISS TV’s Grace Msalame. Lucky brothers, don’t you think? The new couple could also be expecting a little one, or should I say little ones? At least Eddie speculates so. On his twitter account, he posted that it was five times more likely for a couple to have twins if the mother herself was a fraternal twin.

From Eddie’s post, it is possible that the couple should be having a set of twins soon, or at least Janet Mbugua is pregnant. We’ll see in a few months time.