Shocking: House Help From Zimmerman Steps On Child’s Stomach And Tells Him To Lick Her

From torturing of children to sexual molestation, another house help is on the bad side of the law. This comes about after the child in question bared it all to her mother when she arrived from work. In what is now an established routine, the mother would come home and ask the child how the help treated him. However things became particularly interesting when the child revealed that the help after stepping on his stomach was told to undress and lick the private parts of the help.

The help, on being asked admitted that she had done a mistake and that she is sorry for it. She went ahead and tried to save her skin saying that although they were both naked, nothing happened as she had her innerwear on. The innocent looking house help pleaded with the family not to take any actions against her, as it will not happen again. It is yet to be confirmed what the next step of the family will be with the revelations being admitted on camera.

Here is the shocking video: