So Who Is Sunjeev Kaur Birdi And What Role Was She Playing In The Now Infamous Alfred Keter Gilgil Weighing Bridge Saga

It seems that humiliation and controversy has finally made a debut in the life of Sunjeev Kaur Birdi who is also known as Sonia Birdi after the shameful incident that occurred on Saturday night at the GIlgil weighing bridge. The video showing her in the company of Member of Parliament Alfred Keter name dropping to get clearance of vehicle has finally made her get a debut in the limelight. However many may still be wondering who she really is.

Sonia Birdi is a nominated Mp under the URP where she joined in April 2012 and was privileged to be the first lady of Asian origin member of parliament on 15th . She has had her schooling at Loreto convent school and Lady of Mercy School before heading oversees to get an MBA at Sheffield Hallam University in India. She is known for her Motion in parliament for the government to build multi-dams for overall improvement of the ecosystem.

Ironically her recent works included improvement of road safety specifically on how the Transport safety Authority should be stricter on road offenders. With the coercion, name dropping, corruption and apparent bribery charges it seems that her vehicle was impounded for overloading and without proper documentation from the Kenya Highway National Authority. A sharp contrast to what she has been advocating for.