This Is Why I Just Had To Have An Abortion Rose Muhando Explains

In Tanzania, procuring an abortion gets you a good 7 years in jail and 14 years for whoever helped you get it done. It’s that illegal. So you must understand the kind of shock Christians suffered after they found out the celebrated gospel musician Rose Muhando was being sought by Tanzanian authorities after having recently terminated her 7 months old pregnancy.

The songbird has never been married despite the fact that she has three children whose father’s identity remains unknown. After her upset fans took to social media to express their disappointment with the news, the artist finally cleared the air.So it turns out that she did in fact have an abortion, but had to terminate it due to complications with the pregnancy which otherwise could have had grave consequences. She was only following doctor’s orders.

It remains unknown of the ultimate prospects of the scandal; whether she will be arrested or not, remains the police’s decision.