Have the members of P-Unit Finally Called it quits and decided to go Solo?

Groups are known to have a very short shelf life as once success hits they are quickly disrupted by individual interests. One of Kenya’s greatest singing groups second only to Sauti Sol has been on the limelight for as long as one can remember dropping hit after hit. Their latest hit Weka has not disappointed but there has been a rumor that Frasha who is among the most consistent members of the group is going solo. This was more so the case after the self-proclaimed king of rap released a new solo without the other members of the group.

However, on the mseto show, Frasha sort to set the record straight and stated that it is not wrong for one to release their own music while with the group and this does not mean that the group is splitting. His sentiments were further echoed by songbird avril who said that it was prudent of Frasha to release his own music and there is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps it is just us reading between the lines.