My Actions Were Completely Justified, I Will Not Apologize To Anyone And For Anything

Alfred Keter has decided to defend his behavior on Saturday night. However, even with all the talk about him, he did not apologize for his actions. He said that his actions were completely justified and no one should think otherwise.

In the video that went viral all over the internet, Alfred Keter, MP of Nandi Hills is clearly heard threatening the officers at Gilgil Weigh Bridge station. In the video, Alfred Keter is very upset and is demanding that the truck that was impounded for not having an exemption permit to be released. This has sparked a lot of reactions from people on social media. Most people do not think this was the right move for an MP.

Alfred Keter however says that that was not the case. He says that his actions were against corruption by the officers at Gilgil Weigh Bridge and for that he will not make any apologies for anything that happened on Saturday night.