We Do Not Entertain Poverty, If You Can’t Tithe, Do Not Come To Jcc- Kathy Kiuna Warns Off Poor People

The gospel of prosperity has been in the mouths of Kenyan preachers since time in memorial. And because of the tendency of the people to get attracted to such messages, churches have become overnight mining grounds. JCC has been under scrutiny for quite some time owing to the crowd that it attracts and for a long time people said that it was a church for the rich. Well, that is not the case anymore. It is now a fact that if you’re a poor person you should not step into JCC and this was a statement that was uttered by one Pastor Kathy Kiuna.

Her rant was a continuation of her summon to women urging them to rent out servant quarters in Runda in order to get a married man and accusing men from Eastlands of being lazy which is why they were poor. In her latest power rant according to DailyPost, Pastor Kathy said that her church was not a place for the poor people and that if one did not have the tithe they should look for another church. What happened to the days when the church was a pillar for the weak, a provider for the needy and shepherd for the lost?

  • Jean-Paul Ope

    But that is because this is not a church, it is a commercial establishment