10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rev Kathy Kiuna

After the much shocking revelation of banning poor people from her church, Kathy kiuna has unknowingly returned the lime light back to her family. Many people can still well remember just how much scrutiny the Kiunas underwent over their wealth with many accusing them of living off the sweat of their congregation. Now having categorically stated her stand on poor individuals, Kathy kiuna is again in the headlines for something unfortunate. However just who is she?


Kathy Kiuna is the Co founder of the jubilee Christian church (JCC) that started in 1999 with. She is now in charge of the church segment ministry “daughters of Zion”.


Before she ventured in ministry work, Kathy Kiuna worked as a secretary and had attended the Queensway secretarial college for her diploma.


She is the wife of the infamous pastor, Allan Kiuna, however unconfirmed reports indicate that she might be a second wife.


She is the mother of three children Vanessa 24 who is currently in Australia, Stephanie 18 and Jeremy 13.


Due to boredom, she picked up a hobby that gave rise to her writing passion. Recent releases of her books include ‘Marriage works’ and ‘Transformed woman that you need to be’

TV host

She is a TV host of the show “women without limits” that airs on NTV.


Kathy Kiuna started her music career a few years ago and has four albums out. Songs include ‘Mapambo’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘Arise’.


Once thought to be a boring sport, Kathy Kiuna is hooked to playing golf during her free time and most recently it was noted she was in Pretoria, South Africa engaging in the sport.


She is quite extravagant, living life large, criss crossing the world enjoying various tourist attractions where she shares her experience with face book followers. In the recent past she has been in South Africa, Egypt and most notably in Australia where her daughter is schooling.


She is quite unapologetic to the kind of life she leading. She states she is basking in the blessing of God having gone without a roof over her head to living in a mansion in Runda, mentioning it pays to stay faithful.