Eric Omba Desperately Seeks Help After Publically Coming Clean On His Marital Issues With Gloria Muliro

Eric Omba for a long time remained silent as people talked about his marriage to Gloria Muliro. People claimed he was unfaithful to the gospel singer ad was not at all respectful to her. He recently broke the silence and told his side of the story and expressed his sincere regrets and his future hopes that their marriage might get fixed. Eric Omba has now released a new song.

In his new song, ‘Sibanduki’ Eric Omba opens up about his pain and suffering and seeks God for help. He says that he will not give up crying for help until God hears his plea and responds to his prayer.

In his song Eric sings, “Sijui ni laana zenye adui wananilaani.Ukisema utanibariki hakuna wa kukuzuia. Ukisema utaniinua hakuna wa kuuliza shauri….” Eric’s new song is one that shows he is going through a lot and he is turning to the only source of power he knows.