Here Are Some Amazing Celebrity Reactions Following Rev. Kathy Kiuna’s Statement On Poor People In Her Church

Reverend Kathy Kiuna stirred up a lot of reactions on social media when she allegedly made the decision that poor people were not to attend her church. Many Kenyans are very upset with this especially because Kathy Kiuna herself is from a humble background. Apart from banning paupers from her church, it is said that she also advised poor women to move to posh estates and get rich men to marry them. According to her, people who attend her church must tithe no matter what.

Apart from Kenyan citizens, several celebrities made comments on the matter. Mike Sonko was on the paupers side and said that he would stand by them. Gerald Langiri on the other side had no pity for those who were banned from the church. He said that he did not see a problem with Kathy’s actions especially because she did not have a gun on anyone’s head and no one was forced to go to her church.