Paul Kobia Issues A Stern Warning To Three Senators, These Could Be The Most Radical Statements He’s Made So Far

Paul Kobia, how in the world can this man be helped? Before his recent claims of having a hand in Raila’s son (Fidel Odinga), he was a personality only known in the political and media circles. Now everyone knows him. If he were a Hollywood celebrity, his actions would be considered as a popularity stunt. However, given that he is not with his recent declarations and promises, one could only think of him as taking it too far.

Kobia has vowed to take dire and stern measures against three senators; Omar Hassan, Johnstone Muthama and Boniface Khalwale for allegedly speaking ill against the president.
‘If anyone abuses the head of state, they should by all means not come to Nairobi. That I refuse!!’ Paul Kobia told the reporters.

He continued to state that he has his armies gotten from Huruma and Majengo deployed and on the lookout for them. He warned that they should stay clear of Nairobi and especially the areas that associated with the Kenyatta name.