After Eric Omba, Another Reknowed Pastor Faces Divorce Due To Serious Infidelity Allegations

It seems that Eric Omba is not the only man of the cloth who has been living on the wrong side of what he teaches. Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a who is a reverend in the Neno Evangelist Church has been accused of lack of respect, arrogance, abuse, wife battering and infidelity by his wife.

Loise Murugi Ng’ang’a who has been married to Pastor Ng’ang’a for a period of three years has filed for divorce. She said that her husband has caused her a lot of depression; he drinks too much and does not take care of the family. She also accused him of having affairs with some of the mebers of his congregants and even assaulting her.

Loise has now filed for an affidavit requesting the court to compel Ng’ang’a to pay a total of Kshs. 500, 000 for the upkeep of their child who will be staying with her. She believes that her husband will not have a hard time paying this money. Ng’ang’a on the other hand does not think it’s a good idea for the child to stay with her mother because he does not believe she will be raised in the right way. He however says he has no problem taking care of his child but should not be kept away from her.