Lots Of Anger And Bitterness: Following Ntv’s ‘Certificates Of Doom’ Expose, Angry Nairobi Aviation Students Storm Nation Media Group And Things Get Very Ugly

In his investigative series, Dennis Okari a news anchor on NTV exposed how easy it is to get certificates from universities through his ‘certificates of doom’ episode where he showed some undercover ‘students’ going to Nairobi Aviation College and being enrolled for courses they were not qualified for as well as getting certificates after bribing a lecturer.

This exposé made Nairobi Aviation College look really bad. The students from the college have attacked the Nation Media Group Building by stoning it in less than 24 hours as a way of defending their institution. The students from the college are however lashing out on the wrong people. This is because Dennis Okari was simply doing his job when he exposed the shoddy work that goes on in the college. They should be going after the parties responsible because Dennis Okari is only the messenger in this case and as they say, we should not kill the messenger.