Robert Alai In Jail After Bumping Heads With Julie Gichuri’s Husband And Could Be Spending Another Sleepless Night Behind Bars

Controversial and sometimes rather radically vocal blogger has for the past few months being headlining news for his expressions. His sentiments it seems have finally landed him into trouble again. Many people can very well remember the Langata primary school land grabbing saga that attracted worldwide attention. Children were treated in the same manner by anti- riot police as vigilante groups. Nonetheless speculation was strife about who was behind the whole show. Robert Alai did what he usually does best and speculated that it was Antony Gichuru, renowned husband to sensational media personality, Julie Gichuru’s among the influential people who grabbed the land.

Fast forwarding a few weeks later and Robert Alai is now in Jail, reason apparently someone is finally tired of the slander he does and gets away with it. Outcry of his enthusiasts on social media is garnering support as what is deemed as unfair detention without being formally charged for days. Now shocking revelation for those who didn’t know is that with new security bill encompassing public disturbance he can be legally held for up to ninety days without being charged. Taking into consideration he is entitled to freedom of speech and expression, his is outright libel and defamation given the fact he has no prove to support his claims. Important to remember, this is the same man that said he will pay men to strip and molest women, called the president an adolescent and said he will fart on his enemies face. That said supporters should consider what they do if it were them in that situation, after all it is a known fact that Robert Alai has no loyalty.