So Far This Is What Has Been Confirmed About The Death Of Kabete Member Of Parliament, George Muchai


The astonishing news of the brutal murder of Kabete Member of Parliament, George Muchai, early Saturday morning sent shockwaves across the country and Africa as a whole. The circumstances of his death are the most chilling as the legislator was murdered within the Nairobi CBD.

So far what has been established is that the murder took place shortly after 3am Saturday morning. However, media houses in the country and across the continent however started reporting of the horrendous incident shortly after 7am.

The legislator is said to have been traveling in one car with his driver and two of his bodyguards. His wife, one of his daughters and his nephew were traveling in another car behind. It is said that they had stopped at the Uhuru Highway-Kenyatta Avenue roundabout when a white Probox hit their car on the right side and stopped a few meters ahead.

A masked gunman armed with an AK-47 then stepped out of the car and showered the legislator’s Toyota Fortuner with bullets. The driver was shot first and then the gunman turned on to the rest of the passengers. They all died in their seats except one bodyguard who seems to have been shot while trying to step out of the car.