Is Paul Kobia Now dating Dennis Oliech’s Ex-girlfriend?

With the millions of men in Kenya quite literally one would wonder why Shirleen Chelagat, Dennis oliech ex girlfriend would chose to spend her valentine’s day with a mentally unstable man as a date. Quite frankly this is a man who made careless utterances about being behind the death of former prime ministers son, Fidel Odinga and claimed insanity when questioned. Nonetheless back to fact, this is the first instance he has been in the limelight for good reasons, and its way better publicity than the gun and gold smuggling allegations.

In the company of another lady, the trio was spotted at Ngong race course. Where they caught the latest movies and had some other ‘friendly’ fun. With this latest move by the businessman it is hard to tell if he is just having fun or is trying to follow the constitution to the letter and get another wife.

Not to get all worked up but wouldn’t it have better if he was with his wife on the said date instead of the company of other women. Anyway the man is a billionaire maybe his wife doesn’t mind him in the hands of another woman, as is true it’s all about the money.