Mike Sonko’s Daughter Saumu Mbuvi Involved In A Road Accident On Her Way To Naivasha


Talk about drama during the valentine weekend. It seems that Saumu, the daughter of the flamboyant and ever controversial senator Mike Sonko, is back in the headlines. Seemingly after posting racy photos of herself and flossing with her fathers wealth, she wants more attention, or maybe not.

Apparently she was being trailed by a Mercedes Benz as she drove and somehow innovatively thought that her only way out was to crash into a police road block to get assistance. Saumu, seemingly, was from her classes at JKUAT and together with two friends decided to have some fun down in Naivasha. The whole adventure was cut short and resulted into her having superficial injuries and a bruised nose.

One wonders just how easily she would have gotten help if she had just asked. As in was it really necessary to crash the car at a road block, beats logic, I mean the police were already on site and informing them, while throwing some money around like she usually does would have guaranteed safety. Either way being the eldest child of a prominent man means that the matter is under investigation. One wonders just how true her allegations are, if she really got saved by crashing into the road block or was it just a fragment of her imagination.