This Is What Has Made Award Winning Singer And Songwriter Nyota Ndogo Very Furious

Award winning singer and songwriter Nyota Ndogo was furious at those who were condemning the fact that she had posted a picture of herself holding a gun. She posted this picture late last year during the ‘My Dress My Choice’ frenzy against stripping of indecently dressed women by men. She wonders why the picture has resurfaced again yet she thought people were done with it and had moved on.

According to her many celebrities have posted pictures worse things than that online. Did people want her to post nude photos of herself to keep them talking, she asks. She is angry at those using her name to get fame and also make a name for themselves.

When asked whether she was a licensed gun holder she replied that she was very much aware of what the law says and she can’t be that silly to be wielding around a weapon.