Woman Arraigned in Court After Failing to Pay her KSH 229,505 Valentine’s Day Bills in a Five Star Hotel


Valentine’s Day brings in a lot of love, romance and extravagant spending. True to this a woman took it too far and decided to spend Valentines Day without any cash. Laura Oyier Ogolla, a self professed successful musician signed herself to the Intercontinental hotel and indulged in the very best of food and drinks for 21 days without paying. As a normal customer she ordered the best money could offer, enjoying the meals provided while in the hotel as she posed to be able foot her bills. However when it came time to pay her ‘wallet’ was miraculously missing. The hotel took the 27 year old to court on Wednesday where she was charged for failing to settle her bills which had amounted to an astonishing sh.229,505. She however denied the charges brought to her at the Milimani law courts.

Maybe it’s just coincidence that she did in fact lose her wallet, but then again women are extremely cunning these days and it was just a clever way for her to spend some quality time in the hotel. However with her move to deny the charges, one wonders which charges she is really denying. Is it the fact that she isn’t able to pay for the bill or will she shock everyone by producing another person who looks like her, has her name and was there for 21 days including Valentine’s Day without her knowledge? Anyway everyone has to applaud this girl, as in really, how many people can walk into intercontinental hotel, stay there for 21 days without paying for a thing.