Emerging Theories As To Why Kabete Mp George Muchai Was Killed In Cold Blood

Over the past two weeks Kenyans have been mourning the death of renown Kabete MP, the late Hon. George Muchai. Widely recognized for his valiant fight against corruption in the government and other institutions related to him, it came as no surprise that certain people were gunning for his life. Therefore, the main question on Kenyan minds is, who killed him?

Prior to his brutal murder on 7 th February 2015, the former Kabete MP had been in a constant struggle to upgrade his security detail. Ms. Jane Mugo, the head of a local security company, explained that Mr. George Muchai had created very many enemies through all fields of his decorated career, including some of his family members. This in turn brought uncertainty as to where the most likely threat to his life lay, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

One of the leading theories in Muchai’s murder is one linking to a government assassination. Sadly, such forms of murder are not new to the Kenyan government. The history speaks for itself. The slain Kabete MP’s strong fight against corruption might have rubbed the shoulders of other powerful government officials who would in turn wish him harm.

In addition to that, an alleged land tussle in Ruai and Kamulu against him and high ranked official in the government’s security docket might have also led to his demise. Given the professional way in which the killer(s) carried out the task, it is highly speculated that they might be either a skilled hired assassin or a police officer. This in turn places the “official” highest in the person-of-interest list.

All in all, whether Mr. George Muchai’s death was gang, family or government related, it is the right of his family and each Kenyan to learn the truth about it. The government has been tasked with an important mission of finding the killers, and it is the hope of every Kenyan that they will do so soon.