This Is How Kenyan Renowned Super Star, Jaguar Lived Before All The Fame, Success And Money

Jaguar, who is undisputedly one of the well-known artists in the music industry in Kenya, has a long story to tell. According to the high-rising star, it was not easy as might it see it on your television screen for him to make a fortune in life, particularly in the world of entertainment. The artist recalls days when he used to beg for ten shillings from well-wishers just to buy some drugs-bangi. Over years, life has changed so much for the artist as he currently rates among the wealthiest artists on the Kenyan soil.

There is one person that Jaguar has never forgotten in his life. A woman that he does not identify, who kept on inspiring him while he was residing in a “Matope” house a Kiswahili word for a house constructed using made. Jaguar brings out the past memories of his poor life and the encounter with the woman in one of his new videos.

Here is the video: