A Honarable Mp Responds To The Reason Why She Was Breastfeeding In Parliament

This scenario in the first place leaves the nation with a lot of questions, what was a baby doing in the national assembly?? Did the honorable MP Sarah Paulata not have a maternity leave?? Was this really necessary??Doesn’t she have a nanny?? Well this are questions only she could be able to answer. As she responded to the media it seems that she has no regrets at all for her actions. As a mother she has proven a lot to the mothers of this great nation, nothing is greater than the health of the young ones.

But as a member of parliament that was really uncalled for. Considering that missing some sessions is allowed and she didn’t have to drag her baby to the parliament. But then the politics business is all about what people say and how often they speak about you and yes, that she really achieved with that whole show.