After The ‘Chicken Saga’ A Major Corruption Saga Is Now Brewing Involving Kenyans Largest Airport Terminal, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

When Kenyans are still reeling in the shock of the ‘Chicken Saga’, it seems that another saga is brewing, starring; Kenyans largest airport terminal JKIA. Former Inspector General David Kimaiyo is flexing his muscles and putting jobs on the line after emerging evidence showed gross corruption that sees a further 9 billion of tax payer’s money being injected in the construction of the new JKIA terminus as overhead charges.

The 2011 construction contract agreed on a charge of only 59.4 billion, this is in sharp contrast to the new contract drafted in 2013 by Legal manager George Kamau that required another 9 billion for delivery of contract by the Chinese National Aero Technology Engineering Corporation, Anhui construction group . Ironically it is only the legal manager who is still on the job. Other people involved in the saga who are under suspension for another incident involving duty free shops at JKIA and Moi airports include; Managing director of Kenya Airports Authority Ms. Lucy Mbugua, corporate secretary Katherine KIsila and general procumerement manager Mr. Obadiah Orora.

Wondering out loud, just how many corruption saga will be unveiled in 2015, this is Kenya after all.