Juja Mp, Francis Munyua Fires Employee Through Text Message For Refusing To Sleep With Him

Forbidden fruits are sweetest it seems and this stems true with the case of Juja Mp Francis Munyua if the allegations against him are true. Apparently his desire to taste someone else’s cookies had him obsessed and rejection cost Susan Wambui her job.

Based on the Interview on inooro fm, the Mp seemingly wanted to take the dragon out of his pants and put it to use with a married woman. After ceaseless sexual demands, the Mp made the worst mistake and went on text messaging and firing her through an SMS. Susan Wambui, who was employed at the parliamentary service commission offices in 2013 has availed evidence showing the extent of the mp’s harassment.

October 23rd 2014

Ulikataa nikule hizo vitu zako na vile nazimezea mate. Now I am employing another person on your behalf. Ken will give you the other details on how to clear from the office. Goodbye’

31st October

I can see you supported Kabogo’s brother on that nonsense he posted on Kalimoni group. I thought of paying you through CDF because I removed you in TSC through anger. But even CDF you will not get. Nowadays its NIpe Nikupe my friend…
Obvious to the fact he knows he was on the wrong, the Mp sent another text threatening Susan if his endeavors are exposed.

The text stated;

The worst mistake can be if you are used by Kabogo fanatics to spoil my name. All secrets from my office should be left there. Or else you will regret

Incensed by the Mps actions and threats Susan decided to reply and stated;

“I like that Sir! As you can see, I’ve not been replying to your message. I’d rather be jobless than leave my husband to be your mistress. You own juja but you do not own Kenya. The same God that made you an MP without sleeping with anyone is the same one that will bless me. Now do me a favor and leave me alone. Employ the ones who are ready to sleep with you all you want, Mimi hapana. And on face book I have the right to comment whatever I want”

With absolute power at the hands of MP’s to fire when they please, it seems there is no cause for Legal Avenue for Susan to get justice. That said. Wondering just why an MP would insist on bedding a married woman, isn’t he married? The whole act is just shameless, good thing there is advancement of technology. Talk about having a valid reason for impeachment.