Renowned Kenyan Football Super Star Mcdonald Mariga Is Now Officially Jobless

Uncertainty is stalking the career of talented Kenyan footballer McDOnald Mariga after his club dissolved yesterday. Having started his career at Inter Millan before moving to Italian Club Parma, McDonald is now officially jobless. Quite frankly it seems that Kenyans have a way to make a mark of joblessness everywhere in the world. Having accumulated a debt of 197 million Euros, the once revered Serie A giants closed shop leaving its players out in the cold.

With the financials being bad, the players had apparently not been paid for months on end to the extent that they could not even afford drinking water during training sessions. This affected their performance in a major way and could only accumulate 10 points in the season, making the situation get worse. This fact unfortunately comes by after McDonald Mariga was getting used to living a lavish lifestyle. Now jobless and hopefully not broke, it seems the curse of Kenyans of being unemployed continues stalking him even a continent away. As the light in his career gets dimmer, hopefully where he goes next will be better.