Mama Ida Odinga Explains Why Her Husband Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga Was Wearing A Torn Shoe to Church

Following the torn shoe incident Mama Ida Odinga on Wednesday explained what had led her husband Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to wear a torn shoe to a church function. She explained that his shoe got the tear when he knocked a stone at St John’s Everlasting Gospel Church in Imara Daima. The shoe was immediately replaced once it was noticed.

She continued to explain that by the time her husband was leaving the house he was well dressed. Something like that would never have happened under her watch. She has been dressing her husband for years and nothing like that had ever happened before. She has been keen on his classic sense of style and always ensures that he keeps with the trends.

Knowing a woman of her stature I’m sure she would never have left him to go out in public like that. Things like these are what trend for days on social media sites and keep the haters talking.