Pictures Of Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga Spoted With Badly Torn Shoes, What Could Be Happening

Over time Kenyan politicians have been known to have serious wardrobe malfunctions from torn socks which seem to be very common to now BABA’S torn shoes. This is not a major issue among common citizens as you could commonly spot a girl walking bare foot in town holding their torn sandal and no one would care but when it’s a politician it causes a lot of talk.

This usually leads to the question, whose fault it is?? The politicians??Or their spouses?? Well its fit to assume that a politicians spouse should be double cautious when dressing their husbands unlike other women as their husbands are 24/7 under the watchful eyes of the camera. But it’s also safe to assume that the politicians themselves being grown-ups should know that wearing a torn piece of cloth of men of their standards should not be even an idea in their minds.

This leaves everyone with the question what would a torn sock or shoe be doing in their closets??

Here is the picture that has been trending courtesy of standard news: