This Is The Real Reason Why Radio Queen Caroline Mutoko And Ntv’s Larry Madowo Are Now At Each Other’s Neck

After many Kenyans were switched off from viewing of their television sets in the name of digital migration, debates have been all over about the move. Among the celebrity figures who have joined the discussion as they have always done on other sensitive issues are Larry Madowo and Caroline Mutoko. Mutoko seems to be of the idea as Larry shows reluctance about the same terming it as misinformation.

According to Mutoko, the three media houses did a miscalculation when they assumed that their viewers would stay off air. She alleges that the media houses never thought that the government was serious as they convinced themselves of their actions in the event of the shutdown. They were equally confident that they had several options, says Mutoko. In support for digital the migration move, she expressed her astonishment as to how stations are presenting news in the local languages. To her, K24 deserves credit for being on the forefront to have the nation take on the digital technology.