A Very Senior Manager Arrested For Threatening Star Editor With Death

Members of the Fourth Estate, that is the media, face numerous risks as they carry out their duties. They are supposed to shed light on issues affecting the society. But that comes with a price, such as death threats and intimidation when they spotlight those causing ills in the society. Kenya is no stranger to journalists being threatened and recently the Star newspaper editor Richard Kerich was issued with death threats by a senior manager at the Geothermal Development Company (GDC).

Eric Wamanji allegedly sent Mr. Kerich a blood and thunder message which read in part “…. Stop publishing those stupid GDC stories or we silence you once and for all in our own way.” This confirmed the death threat. This followed an expose that The Star published linking the company’s CEO, Mr. Silas Simiyu to unprofessional conduct and indiscretions in his capacity at the company. Another part of the message that would raise eyebrows is one that read …..”Kwani Simiyu ate your mother’s money? He is in power to stay, he has all the blessings from the house on the hill….” There are no prices for guessing the message alluded that Mr. Simiyu was insulated by the Presidency. Mr. Wamanji was arrested and held at Parklands Police station and is expected to appear in court today.