After The Scandalous Sms’s, Juja Mp Francis Munyua Faces New Charges

Recently Juja MP Francis Munyua was accused of sacking an employee since she denied his shoddy sexual advances. At the time of the sacking the female employee was working at the CDF office. No one understands why a man of this stature would solicit sex from a married woman let alone from an employee. The employee, Susan Wambui, was smart enough to save all his scandalous SMS’s and present them to the police since this obviously amounted to sexual harassment.

As the investigations are ongoing it has been reported that the shameless MP has threated to kill the Wambui if she does not drop the charges immediately. Though a bit shaken Wambui has since reported the matter to the police. According to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keriako Tobiko, the MP could now face three charges, that is, abuse of office, sexual harassment and intention to commit a murder. If the charges levelled against him are true then he is likely to lose his seat according to Chapter 6 of the Kenyan constitution.