For The Very First Time, Kenyans Unanimously Support The Al Shabaab And This Is The Real Reason Why

With the rise of Al shabaab, came anxiety, fear, sorrow and countless horrific deaths. The terror groups that is based in Somalia is one of the most feared and has many strong links with other larger groups in many parts of the world. Kenya is one of the countries that has faced the full force of the group’s atrocious activities. The memories of the Westgate siege, car and bus bombings are still very fresh in the minds of most Kenyans. It’s pretty obvious that no one would like to relive those adrenalized moments again.

However, with the new threat of blowing up the Kenyan Parliament, Kenyans are happy and seem appeased by the threat. Many took on to social media to express their joy and support for the booming. It seems if there is anything worse in Kenya than the Al shabaad, it’s the Kenyan parliament.

Here are some of the comments that a number of Kenyans wrote on the Nation Media’s Facebook Page.
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