Revealed: Here Are Some Unbelievable Things That Students Did in the Exam Room During Last Years KCSE Exams


We all strive to be our best, we also strive to get the best possible outcomes when it comes to challenges. Success is usually on everyone’s mind, even for those who haven’t worked hard for it. In Kenya, one of the rights of passage into a prosperous future is the KSCE exam. Many flinch and quiver at the thought of having to retake the exam. It’s certain that no one in their right mind would like to relive that experience.

According to Education Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi, in last year’s KCSE exams some students freaked out or were just too ill prepared. Here are some of the bizarre things they did in the exam rooms.

Replicating the questions

Some students who were having trouble getting the right answers, replicated the questions. Some believed that writing down anything would at least give them a mark.

Scribbling illegible responses

Some students felt like if they scribbled down something that was illegible the markers would have awarded them some marks for the effort.

Answering questions in their mother tongue

Well this is inexcusable for someone who has been in the education system for more than 12 years.

Wrote vulgarities in their answers

No examiner or marker would give a mark for such an answer, if anything, they would penalize the student.

Some students just wrote their name and index number.

Such a student should not be in the education system. This is wasted time and money.