Shocking, As The KCSE Results Of Five Well Known Top Ranking National Schools Are Cancelled Over Cheating


When the kcse results were released on Tuesday morning, there was a shocking revelation. 2,975 candidates, some of whom were from national schools had, had their grades cancelled due to unscrupulous cheating. Worse still was that school principals and head teachers had been identified as the perpetuators of the exam cheating. According to Education Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi, this was a significant drop from last year’s 3,812 candidates. Kaimenyi went on to say that he had been saddened by what the teachers were doing. The teachers had ignored their main duty of being good role models.

The students whose results have been cancelled will have to live with the sad fact that their seniors cannot be trusted. Their self-esteem has been depleted and this will definitely affect their performance in society later on. Although Kaimenyi remained mum about the names of national schools that had, had their KCSE results cancelled, he is sickened by the fact that these schools are involved in the malpractice. Last year sub county schools had the highest cases of cheating.