This Is The Real Reason Why Investigative Journalists Mohammed Ali Has To Go Into Exile

Unlike many investigative journalists Mohammed Ali is known for his hard hitting exposés that have brought to light a lot of truths that would otherwise have been hidden from the public eye. It all hasn’t been smooth sailing though, with each exposé comes countless threats that have at times forced Ali to go into exile. In a recent interview with Jeff Koinange on the bench, the daring journalist talked of why he’d always go missing from the scene after a big story. He revealed to viewers that most of his controversial stories rubbed people the wrong way and thus he had to disappear from time to time. He even went ahead to reveal some of the areas he usually exiles to which include Norway and Germany.

He feels that those who make empty threats on his life are cowards and instead should come out and try to prove him wrong. When asked why he always returned to Kenya, his answer was simple and straight forward. He is not yet ready to rest and he wants Kenyans to know more about the truth. Kenyans can rest assured that they will be getting more riveting JICHO PEVU exposes in the near future.