Here Is The Video Where Robert Alai Is In A Fist Fight With City Council Askaris

In a satirical turn of events controversial blogger Robert Alai’s White BMW was stopped along Kenyatta avenue and his keys confiscated by city council Askaris under unclear circumstances. What followed was a viscous brawl, where bitter words and blows were exchanged.

According to a number of eye witnesses,the city council askari was the first to punch alai in the face. This was after Robert Alai tried to resist his efforts to confisticate his car keys. To this Robert responded with a gutsy upper-cut that left the city official bleeding. However the City council official still managed to forcefully take the keys as Robert gave chase. While all this was happening a large crowd had already gathered and everyone was busy trying to figure out what was causing all the commotion.

Here is the video courtesy of NairobiNews: