A Shameless Man In Kiambu County Gets The Death Sentence For Doing This Despicable Act To His 9 Year Old Daughter


In this day and age, what would drive a man to defile and kill their own offspring? Well only the mind of a psychotic pedophile can come up with an answer to that. In kiambu county, a 63 year old man who goes by the name James Irungu Ndehi is said to have committed this heinous act.

While handing out the death sentence, Justice Nicholas Ombija said that the accused at the time of committing the crime was alone with the deceased at his rural home. His wife had passed on and his two other children were living with the grandmother. Only Ndehi could explain how the deceased had happened to be defiled and strangled to death. A neighbor who had testified against the accused had told the police that she had suspected that the child had been defiled on several occasions before she met her untimely demise.