New Chilling Confessions From Kenya’s First self-confessed Serial Killer, Philip Onyancha

On Wednesday self-confessed serial killer Phillip Onyancha appeared before a law court where a video tape was played narrating his killing spree. In the video, Onyancha talks of his insatiable craving for human blood which could only be partially sated by violent rapes and killings. He goes on to narrate that once he was possessed by some inconceivable spirits, he could lure any victim into his trap. Most of his victims consisted of women and young boys. Once he had them under his control he would rape, kill and drink their blood.

In one of the stories, he recounts how he killed a lady in Karen. He used his super natural abilities to subdue her then carried her to the ceiling of a building where he repeatedly raped then killed her. He then went ahead to drink her blood and stash the body somewhere in the celling where the body lay decaying for a month.
Out of 100 people he had set out to kill, he had only managed 17 by the time of his arrest. His case continues on Thursday.