This Is The Secret Behind Nazizs Incredible Transformation And Miraculous Weight Loss


The quick loss of weight by the singer Nazizi has been one of the trending stories in the music showbiz scene. Many people have come up with stories of how she lost her weight with most of them giving reasons that are not anywhere close to truth. According to the celebrity, the difficulty that she had during giving birth sometime back led her to thinking about the need to cut down on her weight for her own good. This led her to the gym. She attributes her past appearance to her poor eating habits.

The star that is said to have lost about 32 kilograms from the 120 kilograms she had before. She has equally changed her look, she has dropped the tomboyish look and embraced a more girlie appearance. She seems happy with her new look as she recalls the days when she used to experience breathing problems because of her body size.