This Is How Renowned Comedian Eric Omondi Has Managed To Keep His Virginity Intact

Eric Omondi is one of the foremost comedians in Kenya. He has featured often in the Churchill Live show. Also, he has been written about in newspapers, magazines and blogs by various people around Kenya. Most recently, numerous blogs have reported that he claims to be a virgin. He has repeatedly made the claim and recently revealed the same in a Ghafla video interview. He is principled and is saving himself for the right girl in marriage.

There have been rumors that he is the father of Citizen Television siren Jackie Maribe. The rumor-mill states that Eric Omondi dated Jackie in the past and they got a child together. Currently, Jackie Maribe is dating co-worker Dennis Itumbi. Overall, Eric Omondi’s claims of being a virgin have proved the rumor wrong. He states that he is hoping to lose his virginity soon. He says that the year 2015 might be the year that he finally loses his virginity.