This Is The Real Reason Why Renowned Radio Personality Caroline Mutoko Will Never Get Married

Caroline Mutoko has ruled the radio airwaves in Kenya for over ten years. Thus, she has created a loyal fan-base of thousands of Kenyans. She also adopted a daughter who she loves very much. Despite amassing fame and fortune, she has never got married. She recently revealed why she has chosen to stay without a man.

She expresses that she cannot live under the authority of a man. She is too independent to live a life where she has to seek the approval of her husband before doing anything. She applauds modern Kenyan women because they are living free and do whatever they want without fear of reprimand from their husbands and other males in their lives. She is a strong personality and feels that her authority cannot be undermined or challenged by any man. Thus, she has decided to stay unmarried.

  • Jerry Jussy Di’governor

    she is barren, awezi zaa