Embattled Juja Mp, Francis Waititu Finally Speaks Out On The Sexual Harassment Claims And You Won’t Believe What He Has To Say

Juja MP Francis Waititu is a man in distress after allegations came out that he had sacked a female employee for failing to give in to his conniving sexual demands. The married female employee, Susan Wambui has so far recorded statements with the Ruiru Police Station. Interestingly, she also claims that the mischievous Mp threatened to kill her if she didn’t drop the charges. Currently the police are busy making investigations into this claims.

Speaking to reporters, Waititu claimed that this woman was delusional. She has never worked in his CDF offices as a secretary or held any other position of that nature. He went on to say that this was a tactic by his political opponents and detractors to spoil his good name. Well will all have to wait and see what transpires. Who know, Waititu could afterall be the victim in this whole saga.