If You Want To Marry Orie Rogo Manduli’s Daughters This Is The Kind Of Man You Should Be

Outspoken activist and former politician Orie Rogo-Manduli is somewhat inviting men to woo her two daughters Alison and Janice into marriage. This was after her first born daughter, Elizabeth Rogo got married to a Ghanaian. According to the Nairobian the type of men she wants in her daughter’s lives should be understanding, loving, respectful and faithful. If any of her daughters marries a man that lacks these key qualities she will personally throw him out. She also added that the man should be independent. He should not be living off her daughter’s fortune. She expects the man to give her daughters a comfortable lifestyle.

Drunkards, killers and violent men should not even think of getting close to her daughters, she distastes them. Orie once confessed how the father of her daughters put her through so much suffering. What she went through is so harrowing that she’s never disclosed his name of this man to the world. If a man is to propose to any of her daughters, he must fall in love with her first. However, they should date for a period not less than 3 years to ensure they are well familiarized. He needn’t be a foreigner of a man of a specific stature in society. Going by eldest daughter’s husband, she thinks she makes an awesome mother-in-law.