Forget The Likes Of Mike Sonko, William Kabogo And Paul Kobia, Here Are The 7 Richest Men In East Africa

There are many rich individuals in East Africa but not all of them made it to the list of the top richest in Africa topped by the Nigerian Aliko Dangote. Tanzanians and only one investor from the Ugandan, who was at the top, dominated the list.

Among those who were on the list is Naushad Merali who has accumulated $550 from diversified portfolios in different sectors of the economy. Reginald Mengi joined the list, as he was valued at $ 560 million that he has generated from the media businesses as well as mining. Said Salim Bakhresa who deals with product manufacturing was among the wealthiest according to Forbes. Said wealth was valued at $ 575 million. Bhimji Depar Shah who is worth $ 700 is equally from the same nation. He is a powerful businessperson dealing in consumer goods. Mohammed with $ 800 from the diversified sources was third after Rostam Aziz who was the second on the list with $ 1 billion. Aziz made his fortune from the Telecom investment that has been actively involved for many years. On top was the only Ugandan real investor, Sudhir Ruparelia with $ 1.1 billion.