Here Are The Chilling Details Of Kenyan Prisons Where Young Light Skinned Plumb Men Are Forcefully Turned Into Wives

Life behind bars in Kenya is really hard and if you have any doubt about it, John Ngare’s story will make your spine freeze in fear and your jaw drop in shock. The chilling part of his story is that half of the male inmates in Kenya prisons have intimacy partners. The shocking bit is how they go about the process of getting those sexual partners.

Ngare had been sentenced to death by a magistrate’s court back in 2012. He became a firsthand witness of the how the inmates get their ‘wives’ in the prison quarters. Just like you would bid for a piece of art at the auction house, the inmates go about their bidding.

Apparently there is prisoner who is in charge of allocating the sleeping quarters to all the new inmates. While the new arrivals are still in the ‘waiting bay’ the man in charge also called the ‘Overall’ is bribed with amounts in the bracket of sh300 and sh500. The prisoner who pays the highest amount will have the new prisoner assigned to his cell.
They prefer the young, team-light-skin and plumb men who are just fresh into prison. If you are assigned into a cell that is full, your husband will be so sweet to you. You will get a bed to sleep on, someone to share cigarettes and food with. Wait until the night falls, you are going to pay for it and not in-kind. This is the unbelievable story of the Kenyan prisons today.