Meet Two Learned Indian Beggars Who Live in a Bush And Beg Everyday On The Streets Of Ngara

It has become a common scene in most cities of the nation to come across individuals waiting on well-wishers to help them with money to cater for their needs. However, it was not only a shame but also astonishing for natives to see an Indian joining the begging team. A good number of Kenyans come to their rescue but others put them off by telling them to work rather than wait on the effort of others.

Sometimes it becomes quite hard to tell who really requires help since there are those who disguise themselves as beggars when they have the ability to engage in production and earn a living by the end of the day. On the other side, criminals have also posed as beggars only for it to be discovered that they are part of the drug peddling group helping ruin the lives of productive young citizens.

Here is the sad video Courtesy of K24 TV: